Why You Should Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer?

The thing that makes a mobile application development company distinct amongst others is how it looks at technical problems and how it approach to provide solutions.

Being a mobile application development company, we do not just write and compile code and programs, we solve problems of our associates and clients.

Among several concerns, questions and confusions that a client usually has, we noticed one of the things they often stuck around. And that is “Why Should I Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer?

“Because you need a developer to get you application developed.”

Isn’t the answer so simple and genuine?

Yes, it is.

But is it really solving a client’s query?

No! In anyway.

We all know that we have multiple options available today to get the job done. Likewise, there are websites offering opportunity to hire freelance developers. Then why one should spend on dedicated developers?

So, the following blog post is dedicated to this very question “why hire dedicated mobile app developer?”

We try to uncover every aspect of mobile application development and the role and responsibility of a developer in it that will help you decide whether to hire dedicated mobile app developer or freelancer?

Who is dedicated developer?

As the term denotes itself, dedicated developer is someone who works for a company full-time. While associating with the company, they are allocated to a particular project and are being paid hourly or monthly compensation as salary for the work done.

Who is A Freelance Developer?

A freelance developer is someone who often works individually as well as a part of a larger team of developers for a client on contract basis. They work on a part-time basis and are being paid accordingly.

To understand the roles and responsibilities of mobile application developers, and what a client expects from a developer regarding the project, let’s look deeper into the factors such as:


Dedicated Developer

Organizational Skill/Expertise Base

Freelance developers worked with multiple clients. It helps them earn an eclectic blend of experience on varied projects.

Though, it is wonderful to have such professionals in the team, but there are cons associated with it, like:

There is no way to judge a freelancer’s work

  • No assurance of quality work
  • Lack of individual skills
  • Unnecessary wastage of time and money
  • You must have ample time to communicate and collaborate for project requirements.
  • A full-time developer who works in dedicated development environment brings a level of professionalism that also benefits the project.

It is easy to find dedicated resources with the right skills and experience with an agency. The pros are follows:

  • You can select the right candidate through conducting as many interviews as you want.
  • You hire dedicated developers who work on your project as your employees.
  • Even jr. programmers are guided by senior ones
  • You hire programmers with average experience of 3+ years

Adherence to Development Process

There are high chances that freelance developers can become ghosts one day. They work on several projects simultaneously. In such scenarios, meeting with deadlines becomes tough since they wouldn’t take you or your deadlines seriously due to freelance work nature. Instead of expecting them to be dedicated, you have to be flexible for their timings. In application development, this wouldn’t works.

It’s easy to track the progress of the project on a daily basis. Ideally every renowned company follows Agile scrum methodology as development process. In scrum, a client get every update about day to day workflow, team expectations and other prerequisites in meetings over skype/slack. A strict adherence to development process let the project meet the deadlines and ensure quality.

Dedication & Motivation

In the freelancing job, money is the only motivational factor. Staying virtually available wouldn’t help freelancers to be as willing for the project as full-time dedicated employee. They also don’t even try or care about earning return clients.

Being a part of an organization is sometimes enough for developers to be motivated to perform the job. It also gives them security for the career. That is the reason, many times we see dedicated developers wouldn’t mind going the extra mile and work longer hours on the project. They also get management support, performance reports and work rules aligned for smooth workflow.

Deadlines & Commitments

Even if you spend time checking portfolios and exploring reviews, but sometimes freelance too outsource their work to other freelance developers. In such scenarios, you don’t get guarantee of the quality code.

Dedicated developers are in a better position to focus on projects with tight deadlines and time-sensitive requirements along with a right attribute of quality work.

Communication Management

Managing one to one interactions with freelancers sometimes becomes tough. Lack of coordination leads to poor communication that end up as not up-to-the-mark project’s output.

With freelancers, you can not expect their availability every day. Even, they do not use industry-standard communication tool thus the output always uncertain besides what’s on the contract.

Communication in outsourcing is highly significant as the project always propel beyond developing new categories, services and features. When you hire dedicated mobile developers for the project development from an agency, you get to communicate through world’s popular project management tools like slack, jira and trello. The tools keeps things hassle-free and assist for productivity, performance, quality and timely deliveries.

Success Ratio

Success ratio of mobile application development with freelancers can never touch like dedicated resources.

If a freelancer quits the job in the middle of the project, dealing in such situation brings you unpredictable difficulties. You need to find a replacement that also associates extra cost.

And in case, if he started the development without signing NDA, you will have to face other risks as well.

An outsourcing agency provides a well-established IT set-up to its seasoned and skilled programmers. Just in case your hired developers decides to leave the agency or you would like to add another programmer in the project even with different skill-set, an agency helps you find the right professional right away. This way, you get 100% peace of mind and project success.

Project Ownership

When it comes to project ownership, you are always secure with a full-time developer than with a freelancer. Confidentiality is a genuine issue with freelance resources. Conditions like this makes you to be very careful at every step.

Every renowned and progressional agency wouldn’t start the work without working on NDA first. NDA gives you security for your project ideas as well as codes. You 100% get the project ownership since starting of a project.

Tune with Technology and Trends

For freelance developers, it’s not possible to invest in emerging technologies and tools. Investing money is the biggest factor here. Therefore, you may get in touch with freelancer who is not up-to-date with ongoing development requirements.

Developers at agencies got the opportunities to work on innovative tools and hone their skills constantly. It helps them stay on top of emerging industry trends and let them come as more innovative and receptive with top-notch technologies.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Once a project is executed and completed on the given date, you can’t expect extended support from them. You have to pay them extra for any addition or maintenance of the code. Moreover, during off-working hours and project sign-off, programmer’s availability if questionable.

When you decide to hire dedicated mobile application developer, you still get their support even after project sign-off. Even if you get assistance of project manager to fix the errors and take care of your app and its performance in non-working hours.

An outsource company offers you free maintenance and support for upto 30 days after project sign-off with the same dedication and professionalism.

With this brief outlook, we can understand the responsibilities of a developer in mobile application development. Dedicated developers are highly viable choice than freelancers in every way.

Freelancer developers are the best choice for short-term project needs or for project requirements that wouldn’t have security issues and could be done in less time without requiring much observation.

On contrary to this, hiring dedicated mobile app developer help you leverage the organizational skills, expertise and professionalism of an agency essential in project success.

Since agencies also come up with varying payment options including the hourly rates, it would be wise to hire dedicated mobile app developer than freelancer.













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