QlikView Benefits: Analysis of Pros & Cons of the Top Business Intelligence System

QlikView offers benefits at every level!

QlikView enables companies to get more information from the data they have, enabling them to take better and innovative decisions. And to take advantage of the numerous benefits at various levels within the company.

For Management, QlikView offers new ways to better learn about the organisation, such as:

  • In QlikView, one single application provides access to various types of data, allowing Management to easily come to new insights.
  • QlikView makes it possible to perform an infinite number of analyses. Every angle of approach can be viewed and analysed.
  • Due to its social and real-time business discovery options, QlikView enables teams to take collaborate decisions.
  • QlikView makes it possible to interpret data quickly with visual and dynamic dashboards, apps and statistics.
  • Thanks to a superior mobile experience, QlikView users have access, anytime and anywhere, to dashboards.

IT Management can create significant added value for the company with QlikView.

  • QlikView is true self-service Business Intelligence, empowering departments to get to work more quickly and with less dependence on IT.
  • QlikView combines various data sources and handles reporting and data transfers so that IT professionals can focus on their core tasks.
  • QlikView is simple to implement and requires little maintenance time.
  • QlikView is constructed on in-memory technology which maintains the relationships between the various data.
  • QlikView complies with extremely strict security standards so that business-critical data are always protected.

Qlikview empowers the professional users

The associative network of QlikView provides answers from the moment you have a question. When you search on a certain term, QlikView gives you immediate results while typing. The interactive interface shows important relationships between your data, which enables an indirect search in all data lists on every dashboard. QlikView gives you quick and easy answers to all of your questions.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive Data Visualizations
  • Custom Creation of Dynamic Apps
  • Data Security
  • Dynamic BI Ecosystem
  • Extensive API
  • Interaction with Other Dynamic Apps
  • QlikView NPrinting
  • QlikView Scripting
  • QlikView Workbench
  • Real-Time Sharing and Collaboration
  • Searching Filters
  • Templates, Designs, and Layouts
Maintenance, growth and security

Other BI tools require maintenance, security and work memory. QlikView has perfectly overcome these issues and the result is less maintenance, faster use of data and closing security of all your data records.


  • In-memory technology that automatically maintains relationships between various data sources.
  • Data compressed into 10% of the original size – optimizing processing speeds.
  • Direct calculations provide a lightning-fast user experience.


  • As your business data and storage needs to grow, QlikView grows with you.
  • Hightech architecture that serves even the world’s biggest multinational.
  • QlikView manages thousands of users and billions of data records.


  • Closing security that protects critical data and analyses.
  • Set up groups, roles and individual restrictions and determine who has access to which data.
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