How To Integrate Power Bi With Other Business Intelligence Tool?



Throughout time, the commercial world has transformed. Business owners must manage a lot of data. Self-generated information primarily aids businesses in better understanding their clients and industry. The pillars of advancement have changed as a result, with business intelligence or BI leading the way. It consists of numerous diverse solutions that cooperate to achieve a single business objective. Here we will know why to choose Power BI integration and how to integrate Power BI with other business intelligence tool.


Description of Power BI.


Power BI is a group of services and tools with connectors that enable users to combine, examine, and display unprocessed commercial data in the shape of dashboards. Users can also make smarter judgments and improve profit by sharing the dashboard with others.


With the assistance of Power BI, users can connect, visualize, and share data with other users or stakeholders to obtain more in-depth business insights. Both a free and a premium version are available with the Power BI.

You only get a few Power BI features with the free version, like Power BI Desktop and Quick Q&A to the dashboard. Using Power BI pro, you’ll receive access to the real power BI service, including live report distribution, power view, and Power BI applications, all of which will make working on any Power BI project easier.


You can use CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or a combination of the two as your raw data source. Data. Sometimes cloud-based mixed data also includes raw data. However, users of Microsoft Power BI may analyze data from any source and share that analysis with other Power BI users.


The components of Power BI

The Power BI service, an online SaaS software service, the Power Bi Desktop Pc desktop app, and Power BI smartphone applications for Windows, iOS, and Smartphone services for successful data visualization make up the business analytics service.


The three components of Power BI Desktop, Service, and Mobile Apps are created so that users may construct and share a professional dashboard for wise decisions. A fourth component is also present. The Power BI Data Server is that. This enables users to publish Power BI reports they have prepared on the Power BI desktop to an on-site report server.


The benefits of Power BI Integration


A software service called Microsoft Power BI has been utilized to improve a group’s data management model. It can be incorporated into current frameworks or completely overhauled.


Here are a few justifications for choosing Power BI integration.



  • First and easy setup:

Power BI solutions are quick and simple to set up compared to other sources and can strengthen an organization’s information insights model.


  • Cost-effective:

Cost-effectiveness was the main consideration when creating the more recent Power BI services. Power BI can ultimately assist and reallocate enormous sums of money by reducing the dependency on pricey on-premises alternatives.


  • Real-time data:


Power BI is the ideal data analysis tool for today’s hectic corporate environment. Organizations can adjust their plan of action in response to the most recent events when they can refer to and make choices using real-time information.


  • Cross-platform:

You may stay in touch with the workforce remotely using their preferred device because of the availability of Microsoft Power BI information and insights on various platforms.


Most people believe that Power BI is among the most promising solutions for expanding business intelligence to remain relevant in markets and businesses that are evolving quickly.


Power BI Integration Made Simple by Power BI Custom Connectors



Many businesses run their everyday operations with a variety of tools. Numerous unstructured data points are included in products like CRM, ERP, and various types of software for project management, which can be leveraged to get insightful data for any business. However, using Power BI will give you a simpler way to organize and display your information assets.

Power BI connectors are made to make it simple for users lacking coding or technical knowledge to quickly integrate Power BI with other important data sources. They are advanced feature-packed add-ons that you’re able to incorporate into your workflow software.


Power BI custom connectors’ advantages include the following:



  • No need for special skills and knowledge:

Using highly sophisticated connectors like API will require additional materials, skills, time, and money. However, installing the Power BI custom connectors is simple and quick. This is so easy that non-technical staff can fix things as well. The platform only has to be connected to you once. Therefore, maintaining custom integration won’t require much work in terms of updates. Soon after the BI connector has been installed, you may start creating reports and dashboards.


  • No errors and loss of data:

Professionals in data analytics are in charge of processing data and spend 80% of their time creating data sets and doing analyses. Then they purge additional data, export just pertinent data, convert it into an appropriate format, and only then import it into Power BI. The entire process takes a long time, and there is always a chance for error. These procedures are made easier by utilizing Power BI connections since you can schedule data export with the criteria that better suit your company and reporting needs, schedule refreshes, and make use of various sorting and other choices.


  • Enhance your data security:

There may be a chance of data misuse when more people handle the same data. Using Power BI connectors will be beneficial in this regard as well. To ensure that your data is always secure and that you don’t have to worry about your personal or other sensitive information, the Power BI connectors will assist you in preventing direct access to the data and protecting it during the transfer.



Many different businesses run their activities using a variety of tools. Because of this, company owners and researchers utilize business intelligence products like Power BI to manage their data more effectively and easily. Microsoft makes it very simple to obtain your data from any source and precisely represent it for the best apps. Additionally, this will assist you in designing unique dashboards and reports to meet your analytical and financial needs.




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